The Sierra TrailBlazers Running Club is based out of Nevada County, California. The Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Auburn foothills is an amazingly beautiful area, and we try to take advantage of it any chance we have. Walking, jogging, hiking, trekking, running - whatever you want to label it. Just step away from your device & get outdoors.


As a club we engage in community activities and social events to publicize the benefits of exercising. We not only run, we give back to our community in a number of ways. We award an annual scholarship to a student in our local high school track program. We volunteer for trail maintenance and at races, such as the Western States 100. And we join with other groups to offer community exercise programs at least once per year.


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Old and young, newbies to veteran runners, covering all distances from a couple kilometers to 100+ milers. The Sierra TrailBlazers always has something going on. Check out an example of the monthly newsletter you'll receive that has all the local running dirt you need.


Whether you are looking to
improve your health, your attitude, or you run just to get out of the house and get some "me" time, join us and meet some new people from all walks of life.