Are you a for-profit group?
The STRC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We have an all-volunteer Board of Directors that keeps the running club functioning smoothly.

I was thinking of joining but I need more information. Who do I call?
Unfortunately, as we are an all-volunteer organization, we don't have the staff to be at a phone 8-5pm. But we do have knowledgeable members, in case you know one. You can email or call a board member directly, or use the contact form on this website and send an inquiry. It will be forwarded to the appropriate person, and you'll get a response within a few days.

Now I am ready to join. How do I do that online?
We are working on it. We know how convenient paying online is, but at the moment, we need a signed Membership Application and a check mailed to:
Sierra TrailBlazers Running Club
P.O. Box 1811 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924

Non-profits usually have a mission statement. Where is yours?
Of course we have a mission statement. Our club's mission and constitution are pivotal to our operations and success. Follow the links to read our Sierra TrailBlazers' Mission Statement and Constitution.

I think one of the members violated a policy that's on the membership application. What do I do?
Please submit a letter to the Board of Directors; it's important you do that in writing. In addition, if there are financial/accounting practices you have concerns about or you have credible information about illegal practices or violations of adopted policies of the Sierra TrailBlazers, please read the Whistleblower Policy.

How difficult is it to plan a race?
The STRC abides by the rules and regulations put forth by the RRCA and the USATF. The following documents may help you plan your next race:

Course Measurement

What other businesses or organizations are affiliated with the Sierra TrailBlazers?

The Sierra TrailBlazers
is an affiliate member of the RRCA, the largest distance running organization in the United States. The STRC abides by the rules and regulations put forth by the RRCA.