Happy Holidays!

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Our annual Holiday Party is just around the corner. Come join the fun, whether you are a member or not. Bring a dish to share (main dish or salad), and the TrailBlazers will provide the rest.

When? Where? 
Sunday December 17th, 2017
1pm to 4pm 

If you would like to participate, we will have a White Elephant Gift exchange. Bring a wrapped fun gift! (If you want gift ideas, google "white elephant gift for runners.")

Because of the Holiday Party, Peggy's scheduled runs have been moved to different days. Check your email!

Riboflavin May Help in Muscle Soreness

posted Jun 27, 2017, 8:53 AM by Running Club   [ updated Dec 13, 2017, 12:57 PM ]

According to a Prothera.com article I received today, Vitamin B2 (or riboflavin) may help prevent muscle soreness. The article focuses on ultramarathons - the study was done on Western States runners - but we all experience soreness when we up our mileage at times, don't we?  

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) helps reduce muscle pain and soreness after completing an endurance run, concluded a study published in December 2017. Among its many functions, riboflavin protects tissues against oxidative damage and plays an important role in cell repair. 

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers assessed whether supplementation with riboflavin could have beneficial effects during and after completion of an ultramarathon. The study authors assigned participants of the 2016 161-kilometer Western States Endurance Run ultramarathon to receive either 100 mg of riboflavin or a placebo containing maltodextrin and 0.5 mg of ß-carotene shortly before the event and when reaching 90 km. Riboflavin can cause urine to appear bright or fluorescent yellow, which might reveal to participants which treatment they were receiving. Consequently, the placebo included the small amount of ß-carotene, which can lead to a similar urine color change. The participants reported muscle pain and soreness ratings before, during, immediately following, and for 10 days after the race. On the third, fifth, and tenth days, subjects also ran 400 meters at maximum speed. 

Thirty-two of the 44 runners enrolled in the study (18 in the riboflavin group, 14 in the placebo group) finished the race and completed the study. In the subjects given riboflavin, researchers observed markedly lower muscle pain and soreness ratings during and immediately following the ultramarathon. The riboflavin group also had faster run times in the 400-meter sprints compared with the placebo group 3 and 5 days after the ultramarathon. 

According to the study authors, "This preliminary work suggests that riboflavin supplementation before and during prolonged running might reduce muscle pain and soreness during and at the completion of the exercise and may enhance early functional recovery after the exercise."

Reference:  Hoffman MD, et al. Sports Med Open. 2017;3:14.

Club T-shirts

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T-shirts are available to current members at no cost (included in your membership fee), and extra t-shirts are $14 each. Contact Peggy to pick up your shirt today!

Men's tech crew neck t-shirts: Medium to XL
Women's tech v-neck t-shirts: Small to XL

Join Us for the Poker Run on May 6th

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Poker Run [POH-ker ruhn]: We will run to various checkpoints and grab a card at each one. The person who has the best poker hand at the end of the run wins!

Get out of bed and join us for a fun morning! We will start at 8am at Afternoon Deli and head out for a Poker Run through town. Maps will be given out that morning. And please stay for a light breakfast afterward at the Deli. 

Community Walking/Running Program

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The Sierra TrailBlazers Running Club, Trkac Specialty Running Store, Gilligan's Hillagains, and Run with Us GVNC are once again teaming up to bring you a free 10-week Community Training Program. Everyone is invited! Join us Monday nights beginning April 3rd at the track at Nevada Union High School. Exercising will be fun. You don't want to miss this upbeat, fun program!

We will have coaches for the following:
  • Walkers Group
  • Walk-Run Group
  • 5-10k Run Group
  • Trail Run Group
  • Speed Workout Group
  • Kids' Running Program - Kindergarten through 6th grade

When: Monday, April 3rd from 6pm to ~7:15pm
What: 10-week Walking/Running Program meets every Monday night thru June 5th
Who: Everyone interested in walking, jogging, or running
Cost: Free

For more information or to sign up: Visit the Trkac Specialty Running Store store during business hours or click here, print the form, and bring it with you on April 3rd. You can also show up empty-handed at at 5:45pm on April 3rd before the first workout at NU High School track

Train to be Bonk-Free

posted Mar 6, 2017, 12:42 PM by Running Club   [ updated Mar 6, 2017, 12:45 PM ]

We've all been there. Running along, pace feels good, legs feel strong... but another half hour and something is off. Head is getting foggy, legs start to feel like bricks being dragged along. Every step forward is a challenge. And that there's the Bonk. 

Bonking (or Hitting The Wall) was once thought to be solely a calorie deficit, but over the years we've found that it's much more than that. Current thinking is that bonking is due to the body and mind working together to conserve what energy you have left because the brain thinks you won't be able to complete the run with what you have stored up. Essentially, the brain is telling the body to shut down power to the muscles.

What can we do to avoid feeling drained during our long runs and especially on Race Day? 

We can train in such a way that we prepare our minds and bodies for the mileage. Greg McMillan's Bonk-Proof training plan is one way to get you ready for that upcoming race. His training steps are below, but the entire article, "How to Bonk-Proof Your Running," is a great read for those of us who have experienced The Bonk.

Improving Your Bonk Point

Once you know your bonk point, you want to challenge it every seven to 14 days with a no-carb run lasting 80 to 90 percent of your bonk point. From a two-hour bonk-point example, you’d need to execute no-carb runs of 1 hour, 36 minutes (80 percent of the bonk point) to 1 hour, 48 minutes (90 percent). Aim to get several of these runs in during the final 12 to 16 weeks before your half marathon or marathon.

Note: You won’t fully bonk on these runs—you’ll get tired and signal your body and mind to quickly adapt to this type of running.

Because training should be aimed at improving your bonk point, you should retest your bonk point every four weeks or so to see if it has changed. I suspect you’ll see that your bonk point is farther out, meaning you’ll then need to extend the distance of your 80 to 90 percent, no-carb runs to reflect your increasing bonk point.

There are [four] other ways to bonk-proof yourself.
  1. Run more. Within your race-specific training phase (the last 10 weeks before your race), add another run to your weekly routine. You don’t have to do this every week but if your body is feeling OK, with no persistent aches or pains, add another easy 30- to 60-minute run to your week.
  2. Extend your average runs. If your runs typically average one hour, bump it up to 75 minutes. These additional 15 minutes help teach your body and mind that long-distance running is nothing to get worried about.
  3. Add a midweek long run. You’ll need to be smart about how this fits in with your other workouts, but a midweek long run of 90–105 minutes is a great way to build resistance to the bonk.
  4. Do more carb-free running. As with the bonk-point test run, work toward doing more of your running with no carbs. Fuel for your key workouts—but on regular runs, begin to run carb-free.
A big part of bonk-proofing yourself means lots of practice running at your goal race pace. Your body becomes more economical at the paces you run, so race pace training is a great way to bonk-proof. Racing too fast, too early is often the demise of runners.

Lastly, make sure you focus on the duration—not the speed—of your long, easy runs. While you will certainly want to do some race-specific long runs (fast finish or pace practice runs), it’s better for you to run longer and slower rather than shorter and faster.

The image used is of the statue of the "Tired Man," referring to the poem of Attila Jozsef, a famous Hungarian poet. The statue is the work of Sozsef Somogyi, located in Mako, Hungary near the local museum. The photographer is Burrows, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3989571

Matt Fitzgerald Talk & Book Signing

posted Feb 28, 2017, 9:36 AM by Running Club   [ updated Feb 28, 2017, 9:40 AM ]

Matt Fitzgerald is an acclaimed endurance sports coach, nutritionist, and author.

Come hear him speak at Grass Valley Charter School on Thursday, March 2 2017.
  • Doors open at 5pm
  • Speaker at 6pm
  • Q&A at 7:30pm
  • Book Signing at 8pm

Tickets on sale now
Early bird pricing til 3/1 ($5 students and some groups, $10 adults)
At the Door $7 for students and some groups, $15 adults

For more info about Matt and to purchase tickets, click here.

Run Smart

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It's training season. Spring is coming, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining (at least today). There are races almost every weekend from here on out through October (see our Race Calendar for local opportunities to grab some swag). I don't know about you, but I get super-motivated when I sign up for a race. 
Step 1. Grab a calendar and see if there are enough weeks to train for the darn thing.
Step 2. Grab your wallet and register. 
Once that's done, there's no going back.
Step 3. Create a running log and write down the daily mileages for training.
Step 4. Buy new shoes, because frankly, everyone loves new shoes.
Step 5. Start training!

But is there a thing as too much training?  

I found an article from Runner's World, "5 Keys to Running Healthy and Staying Injury-Free" that summarizes the "rules" we need to keep in mind this running season. Even a seasoned runner will benefit from reading this article and reminding themselves of the ways to stay healthy while upping mileage. 

Next Club Potluck

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Take a respite for a couple of hours. 
All TrailBlazers are invited to our next club potluck on Thursday, January 26th at 5:30 PM at the Afternoon Deli in the Kmart Shopping Center in Grass Valley. Our speaker is Renee Klorma, Acupuncturist. This should be another great potluck. And thanks again in advance to Colleen and Bob for hosting this event at their great Afternoon Deli. 

Temporary Closures in Effect Jan 30th for Hirschman Trail

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Fuel reduction will be occurring on adjacent properties to Hirschman Trail, which will entail chainsawing and piling brush, making trail access unsafe. Hirschman Trail will be closed various weekdays from 8am to 3pm starting Jan 30th thru the end of February. The trail will be open after 3pm on weekdays and open on all weekends. Weather may affect work dates.

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