We are a diverse community with newbies to veteran runners, covering all distances from a couple kilometers to 100+ milers. Before you head out, connect with us because we always have something going on. 


The mountains and foothills of Nevada and Placer counties are amazingly beautiful areas abundant with parks and trails, and we take advantage of it any chance we have. Walking, jogging, hiking, trekking, running, fastpacking in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn and the Motherlode.

Weekly adventures

For our members we offer some great bennies! We have 3-5 mile weekly group runs and longer training runs on the weekends. Our weekly newsletter keeps you up-to-date on what the TrailBlazers have goin' on.

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Upcoming events


Karen Henderson (left), Vice President of the Sierra TrailBlazers, is an instrumental part of our running club.

Karen Henderson's commitment to the Club and to running shows what we all can accomplish in such a short amount of time.  Hers is an inspirational story that every runner must read.  Her mantra: Keep it simple, be consistent, make it fun.

"I decided to be a runner late in life. Fifty-eight to be exact. I started with local 5K’s, moved up to 10K’s..." Click to continue reading


A Happy Group participating in the Community Exercise Program

The Sierra TrailBlazers engage in community activities and social events to publicize the benefits of exercising. We not only exercise, we give back to our community in a number of ways. We volunteer for trail maintenance and at races, such Western States. And we partner with local groups to offer a community exercise program every year. 


This 2023 WS is a wrap! See you next year!

Every year we volunteer at the Western States Endurance Run. It is a great experience to see ultra-runners complete 55.7 miles through The Wilderness and The Canyons by the time they get to the Michigan Bluff Aid Station.  The last of them are coming through as night falls. And all still have 44.5 miles to go! 

When we call upon our members to volunteer, they come in droves. We had a blast at the Aid Station this year with our Throwback Theme. Maybe you missed the 2023 Western States, but next June is just around the corner. 



We're a social bunch, and welcome everyone to join in our adventures. Check out what we're up to out there on the trails, from running and hiking to snowshoeing and skiing. Never a dull moment here, we're always working to find the grandest adventures possible in the mountains. 

From 20-mile training runs with strays picked up on the way to brutal canyon climbs and soaring peaks, this is the place to be if you want to experience the Sierras. Many of our training runs are modified for runners that want shorter distances, so there are varying mileages to choose from. It's an epic day any way you slice it.