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Want to try us on for size before joining? 

Come to one of our events (such as at our local Kombuchary pictured), or don your running shoes and run with us in one of our weekly group runs. 

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In addition to meeting the best people around, becoming a TrailBlazer has a bunch of perks.

Weekly Group Training Runs

Of course we get together weekly to run. We also get together to paddleboard, snowshoe, hike, and bike. What excites your inner athlete?

Fun Runs & Group Races

About once a year our running club hosts a local fun run for all to join. That one is super local. TrailBlazers travel all over California for a good run. We even noticed that some of our TrailBlazers find races in the most out of the way places. Where would you like to go?

Weekly Email Blast

Keep up to date on local races, accomplishments, and group activities, whether it be trail running or a paddleboard on a local lake. There is something in the newsletter that will interest you.

Local Store Discounts

We are adding new discounts all the time, so check in with us to see what is offered.

Volunteer Opportunities

Western States is the Big Kahuna of running, and the Sierra TrailBlazers man an aid station that always can use more hands. In addition, local race directors reach out to us for help and we pay it forward (and pay it back, and pay it all around).

Guest Speakers at our Social Events

Our minds need to be challenged and expanded. Our guest speakers may talk about their adventures, make different parts of the world come to life, educate you on body mechanics, and broaden your horizons. 

What are you waiting for? Be part of a fantastic club that is engaged with the community and promotes health for everyone.